Artificial Intelligence Development for Mobile and Software

Discover new values with Machine Learning and Cloud for your business with our AI-infused apps for smarter and intelligent business specific solutions. We help you get the most out of dependable and next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence solutions; cognitive computing that helps you in getting more and more proficient in reacting to your customer demands.

We are one of the leading AI development companies in the global spectrum that provide 21st century smart business automation tools that allows you to have a more refined approach on the growing demands. With our expert AI Software Development we provide you an intelligent system that can mimic the human thought process and provide you with precise logical solutions for your industry specific needs.

With our expert artificial intelligence programming, we help you to think intelligently and bring you the benefits of AI 2019 to ensure better business automations and operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Machine Learning

Integrated and powerful Machine Learning technology with AI development empowering your solutions with expert complex data interpretation, detection of tends and identification of the sales pattern, giving away better analytics to make the right critical business decisions.

Virtual Assistants

High functionality, self sustainable- we help you get AI-powered chatbots and voice interfaces into your customer services allowing you to interpret and understand your consumer behavior and demand, lavishing intelligent customer service solutions of AI 2019.

Chatbot Development

Going beyond Google Assistance and SIRI, we help you develop smart and self-learning progressive and scalable Chatbot applications that use powerful AI Technology and Machine Learning relinquishing a human like experience.

Natural Language Processing

We focus on developing intelligent software solutions that efficiently understand what people will speak and write in their natural style and give you an exact interpretation of the text and consumer sentiments providing you a deep insight to act reasonably.

End-to-end security

With the modern AI 2019 solutions we also help you get the needed security and scalability in your operations and data by integrating it with dependable technologies such cloud development and integration helping you protect your data efficiently.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Unlock high-performing and much powerful BI software solutions integrated in your enterprise system to get comprehensive computing in your enterprise operations and provide you meaningful insights into business to perform better.

    • NLP
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • Spring

    Chatbot Personal Doctor

    A chatbot and an IoT device that provides information about symptoms, remedies, and supplements. It gives users information about their health condition and ways of treating it. Also, checks on the patient within couple of days and provides additional remedies if needed

    • Sci-kit Learn
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • Keras
    • Python

    Shelf Intelligence

    In-depth vision with AI technologies tailored for retail. Our solution helps retailers and brands manage their shelf performance and in‑store activities. It helps on Sales reps audit time optimization and Price tag reading...

    • Tensorflow
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • Theano

    Pattern and object recognition for safety and security

    Proliferation of visual information, the ability to process it and interpret its meaning enhances systems of safety. Our high-accuracy, real-time system of pattern and object recognition can be applied to a diverse range of target objects...

    • NLP
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • Spring

    Resturant Chat Bot

    It is a platform for many different restaurants, and it includes both bots for clients and bots for business owners. It was made for café and market stall lovers who want to avoid waiting in endless queues or want to order ahead to make sure...

    • Python
    • Speech Recognition
    • jQuery

    Web based Speech Recognition

    This is a web application for disabled. Here, user will use microphone and operate the website, simple by saying the menu and other things. User can also fill the form using...

    • Python
    • Speech Recognition
    • jQuery

    Face Recognition

    This is a web-application, where user register with username and image. After registration user can login using face recognition. When, user enters his/her username, webcam is activated and starts recognizing face and when user face matches to trained system, user is logged in to the system...

Technologies that help us maximize AI opportunities!

Building AI solutions requires the right combination of hottest technologies that make the science of artificial intelligence practically possible. Our AI experts are well-versed in a variety of latest AI related technologies that are critical in taking the machine intelligence to the next level. We work with these technologies to create simple and user-friendly solutions for complex problems while keeping up with the emerging trends and deliver real business benefits.


Extensive development support and unparalleled flexibility in the AI development are some of the reasons which makes Python the most sought after language of rendering AI Technology solutions.

SWI Prolog

Outgrow the already set notions, and use SWI Prolog, helping you define and solve logical formulas for AI programming software services helping you embark something unseen.


Java is another toolset that helps you develop innovative solutions for Artificial Intelligence powered software and applications. It comes as a great help with its extensive community support and reusable codes.


For people who love classic, C++ just works perfectly well in developing dependable AI solutions for your every business need.


A solution for AI 2019, it allows you to implement software that computes with the symbols which is what is a requirement of this era. Symbolic expressions, signs are core of Lisp.

R Language

A modern solution for your every AI technology requirement, R language encompasses a lot of statistical computing, use of Bayesian inference, neural networks, numerical analysis and machine learning- perfect tech partner for your AI development needs.

Smart and Innovative AI Software Development Services

AI-infused solutions powered by our resourceful AI programming software services, including:

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Backed by strategic alliances with industry leaders like Microsoft and Adobe, we enable our clients to become more technologically sound.

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